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Services and Rates


All massages include complementary hot towel treatment, aromatherapy and heated table if you so desire … and you get your full 60 /90/ 120 minutes of massage, unlike many spas and chain who deduct time off for undressing/dressing and getting on and off the table.

Add an express facial for $45 to your massage (usually $55)


I travel to your location, home, Airbnb, office. All you have to do is provide me with a adequate clear space to set up work equipment, free of distractions.

I bring my table, linens, lotions, music and warm hands. All you have to do is relax, de-stress and enjoy the massage. No more having to fight traffic while driving “under the influence of massage.”

Want to add a customized facial to your massage? Please ask for details

Mobile massage is available in Winston Salem, Lewisville and Clemmons

For any areas outside this area, such as Bermuda Run, Advance, Mocksville please ask for quote.

On weekends I’m available for group masssge. If you’re having a get together, retreat etc please get in touch and I’d be happy to provide massage for your event.

Most of my massages I integrate techniques from modalities such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports Masssge, Reflexology and some stretching. It’s all customized for your needs and wants.
I also offer Pre-Natal which is specialized for expectant mothers.


This is classical massage, and generally most popular in the US. It involves techniques such as kneading, long gliding strokes, deep circular moments snd passive joint movement.
It promotes relaxation by releasing muscle tension. Gentler than deep tissue and better suited for people seeking relaxation and tension relief.


This is similar to Swedish, but goes farther and intended for different purpose. It is best suited for athletes, runners and people with injuries. It also works well for people with chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia and lower back pain.
It targets the inner layer of your muscles, tendons and fascia.


During pregnancy, your body undergoes many changes as your baby grows and your body prepares to bring your child into the world. Massage can alleviate the muscle tension and discomfort that comes along with your body’s structural changes. Pre-natal massage helps to minimize stress, promote relaxation, and prepare your muscles for childbirth. Prenatal massage specifically addresses a pregnant woman’s needs and is highly beneficial. Itis an enjoyable and beneficial way to positively influence your pregnancy.

Mobile massage to your location is the perfect addition to a family get together or girls’ night in, – I bring table, linen and lotions – all you do is relax.


Express Facial
(35mins) $55

Includes double cleanse, enzyme exfoliate, mask, serum, moisturer and SPF

Deep Cleansing Facial
(60mins) $90

Charcoal cleanser to deep cleanse and reduce oil. Retinol clarifying pads allowing trapped oil to release and come to the surface. A pomegranate enzyme which is great for exfoliation of oily and acneic skin. Followed by a Charcoal mask to aid in absorption of oil. A light aloe moisturizer, hydrating but not oily. *Includes light massaging of face and shoulders, extractions (if needed,) hot towels and steam.

Hydrating Facial
(60mins) $90

A hydrating facial can help with dry, itchy, irritated skin using water based products. A coconut and papaya enzyme to remove dead skin cells and promote healthy smooth skin. A creamy gogi berry yogurt mask to infuse moisture and nourishment into the skin. Hydrating serum to plump the skin and moisturized to normalize water oil balance. *includes light massaging of face and shoulders, hot towels and steam.

Soothing Facial (Rosacea/Sensitive Skin)

It’s all about gentle and soothing products infused with antioxidants and having anti-inflammatory benefits. Cleansing with a rich creamy pomegranate cleanser to hydrate and calm the skin. A gentle raspberry refining scrub to remove dead skin cells, and a cooling and refreshing gel based seaweed mask that heals chapped and irritated skin. No steam and only cool towels are used in this facial.

Back Facial
(45mins) - $65

Just as it sounds - a facial for the back. Products depend on skin type. It includes double cleaning, sugar scrub, mask, moisturizing, gentle back masssge, extractions if required, hot towels and steam. All professional products - Skinscript Rx


In order to achieve the best waxing results you should have at least 1/4 inch growth. I regret I cannot wax you if you are using acne medication eg: Retional. I cannot wax you if you have used Accutane within the last 12 months.

As hair has 3 growth cycles it usually takes three appointments, 4 – 5 weeks apart to get the hair all in the same growth cycle.

Waxing Do’s and Dont’s