Get ready to be blown away...

Over the past 19 years I have developed, honed and delivered THE BEST Brazilian Bikini Wax ever. It's quick, it's meticulous and you're outta there bare!

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I'm telling you now... you definitely won't be lying there for 45 mins wondering 'What on earth have I got myself into???' You'll hardly have time to break a sweat about the whole experience.

From the time you arrive to the moment you walk out...15 minutes. Really!

OK...I gotta toot my own horn here: I have an astonishing reputation for giving the longest lasting pedicures around. Seriously ladies, I never get tired of telling new guests that 'no, you don't need to buy the polish for touch-ups'. Try one of my pedicures and you WILL be calling yourself a re:fresh pedicure convert!

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Kirsten Wood, Founder

I am PASSIONATE about GIVING.  I believe that when a woman gives time to herself she is capable of extraordinary things. I believe that when a woman FEELS  BETTER about herself she has more of HERSELF to give to others.  It's a wonderful circle!

I'm a total 'Mother'. I love nothing better than to make sure you are comfortable & relaxed.   more

To nurture you fills me with joy. I've been like this since forever...ask my mom.

I have a tendency to be a tad OCD when it comes to the details in my work. It must be exact. It must be consistant. It must be efficient. I want to over deliver every time. When you walk out smiling, I feel energized and have even more to give. Thank you.


Appointments: 250.516.3256
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